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Most Cited Articles of Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta

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Influence of diet on the distribution of carbon isotopes in animals19783.8K
The composition of the continental crust19953.7K
Isotopic standards for carbon and oxygen and correction factors for mass-spectrometric analysis of carbon dioxide19573.2K
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Influence of diet on the distribution of nitrogen isotopes in animals19812.9K
Variation of O18 content of waters from natural sources19532.6K
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Early oxidation of organic matter in pelagic sediments of the eastern equatorial Atlantic: suboxic diagenesis19792.4K
Diffusion of ions in sea water and in deep-sea sediments19742.2K
The use of bromine pentafluoride in the extraction of oxygen from oxides and silicates for isotopic analysis19632.1K
A low-contamination method for hydrothermal decomposition of zircon and extraction of U and Pb for isotopic age determinations19732.1K
Abundance of chemical elements in the continental crust: a new table19642.1K
Equilibrium and nonequilibrium oxygen isotope effects in synthetic carbonates19971.7K
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Determination of REE, Ba, Fe, Mg, Na and K in carbonaceous and ordinary chondrites19741.6K
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Improved accuracy of U-Pb zircon ages by the creation of more concordant systems using an air abrasion technique19821.4K
An accurate X-ray spectrographic method for the analysis of a wide range of geological samples19691.4K
Revised equation and table for determining the freezing point depression of H2O-Nacl solutions19931.4K
The “North American shale composite”: Its compilation, major and trace element characteristics19841.4K
Biogenic methane formation in marine and freshwater environments: CO2 reduction vs. acetate fermentation—Isotope evidence19861.4K