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Most Cited Articles of Nuclear Science and Engineering Center in 2009

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Thermodynamic Properties of Lanthanides and Actinides for Reductive Extraction of Minor ActinidesJournal of Nuclear Science and Technology200931
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Fundamental interaction process between pure edge dislocation and energetically stable grain boundaryPhysical Review B200927
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Global conformational changes of ribosome observed by normal mode fitting for 3D Cryo-EM structuresStructure200921
Short-term irradiation behavior of minor actinide doped uranium plutonium mixed oxide fuels irradiated in an experimental fast reactorJournal of Nuclear Materials200921
Development of high performance electrochemical solvent extraction methodJournal of Electroanalytical Chemistry200921
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Formulations and Validations of a High-Precision Volume-of-Fluid Algorithm on Nonorthogonal Meshes for Numerical Simulations of Gas Entrainment PhenomenaJournal of Nuclear Science and Technology200917
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