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Most Cited Articles of European Physical Journal B

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Detecting community structure in networks20041.1K
Hierarchical structure in financial markets19991.1K
Superconductivity in the Bi - Sr - Cu - O system1987997
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How popular is your paper? An empirical study of the citation distribution1998891
Predicting missing links via local information2009890
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Economic small-world behavior in weighted networks2003472
Translational and rotational diffusion in supercooled orthoterphenyl close to the glass transition1992468
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Epidemic outbreaks in complex heterogeneous networks2002454
Heavy-fermion superconductivity atT c =2K in the antiferromagnet UPd2Al31991454
Quantum thermal transport in nanostructures2008434
Modeling cascading failures in the North American power grid2005417