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Most Cited Articles of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Microalgae for biodiesel production and other applications: A review20103.8K
Review on thermal energy storage with phase change materials and applications20093.4K
Biofuels from microalgae—A review of technologies for production, processing, and extractions of biofuels and co-products20103.2K
A review and recent developments in photocatalytic water-splitting using TiO2 for hydrogen production20073.2K
Technical aspects of biodiesel production by transesterification—a review20062.2K
Production of first and second generation biofuels: A comprehensive review20102K
Role of renewable energy sources in environmental protection: A review20111.8K
An overview of current status of carbon dioxide capture and storage technologies20141.6K
Review on supercapacitors: Technologies and materials20161.6K
Wave energy utilization: A review of the technologies20101.5K
Demand response and smart grids—A survey20141.4K
Energy storage systems—Characteristics and comparisons20081.3K
Renewable energy resources: Current status, future prospects and their enabling technology20141.3K
Review on multi-criteria decision analysis aid in sustainable energy decision-making20091.3K
A review of materials, heat transfer and phase change problem formulation for latent heat thermal energy storage systems (LHTESS)20101.3K
Fast pyrolysis processes for biomass20001.3K
A review on applications and challenges of nanofluids20111.2K
Review of biodiesel composition, properties, and specifications20121.2K
Triglycerides-based diesel fuels20001.2K
Renewable energy and sustainable development: a crucial review20001.2K
Application of multi-criteria decision making to sustainable energy planning—A review20041.2K
A comprehensive review on biodiesel as an alternative energy resource and its characteristics20121.1K
Modeling of end-use energy consumption in the residential sector: A review of modeling techniques20091.1K
State of the art on high temperature thermal energy storage for power generation. Part 1—Concepts, materials and modellization20101.1K
Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs): a review of an environmentally clean and efficient source of energy20021.1K