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Most Cited Articles of Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research in 2017

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Complement factor H in host defense and immune evasionCellular and Molecular Life Sciences201791
Distinct focal adhesion protein modules control different aspects of mechanotransductionJournal of Cell Science201789
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3D cell bioprinting of self-assembling peptide-based hydrogelsMaterials Letters201774
The intervertebral disc contains intrinsic circadian clocks that are regulated by age and cytokines and linked to degenerationAnnals of the Rheumatic Diseases201772
Regulation of Innate and Adaptive Immunity by TGFβAdvances in Immunology201769
The normal trachea is cleaned by MUC5B mucin bundles from the submucosal glands coated with the MUC5AC mucinBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications201765
Evidence of structurally continuous collagen fibrils in tendonsActa Biomaterialia201756
Ultra-low friction between boundary layers of hyaluronan-phosphatidylcholine complexesActa Biomaterialia201743
Fell Muir Lecture: Collagen fibril formation in vitro and in vivoInternational Journal of Experimental Pathology201742
Inflammatory cues enhance TGFβ activation by distinct subsets of human intestinal dendritic cells via integrin αvβ8Mucosal Immunology201740
Involvement of posttranscriptional regulation of in the emergence of circadian clock oscillation during mouse developmentProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America201738
Increased intracellular proteolysis reduces disease severity in an ER stress-associated dwarfismJournal of Clinical Investigation201738
Biomarker Accessible and Chemically Addressable Mechanistic Subtypes of BRAF MelanomaCancer Discovery201731
Advances and unmet needs in genetic, basic and clinical science in Alport syndrome: report from the 2015 International Workshop on Alport SyndromeNephrology Dialysis Transplantation201731
Collagenous Extracellular Matrix Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering: Lessons from the Common Sea Urchin TissueInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences201730
Integration of Kinase and Calcium Signaling at the Level of Chromatin Underlies Inducible Gene Activation in T CellsJournal of Immunology201730
Prolonged exposure of mouse and human podocytes to insulin induces insulin resistance through lysosomal and proteasomal degradation of the insulin receptorDiabetologia201729
The role of the Hes1 crosstalk hub in Notch-Wnt interactions of the intestinal cryptPLoS Computational Biology201729
Patterns of organelle ontogeny through a cell cycle revealed by whole-cell reconstructions using 3D electron microscopyJournal of Cell Science201727
Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound promotes cell motility through vinculin-controlled Rac1 GTPase activityJournal of Cell Science201725
Immune-driven alterations in mucin sulphation is an important mediator of Trichuris muris helminth expulsionPLoS Pathogens201724
Targeting lysyl oxidase reduces peritoneal fibrosisPLoS ONE201722