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Most Cited Articles of Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research in 2016

Inhibiting Drivers of Non-mutational Drug Tolerance Is a Salvage Strategy for Targeted Melanoma TherapyCancer Cell2016149
The integrin adhesome network at a glanceJournal of Cell Science2016123
PAK proteins and YAP-1 signalling downstream of integrin beta-1 in myofibroblasts promote liver fibrosisNature Communications2016109
IRF8 Transcription-Factor-Dependent Classical Dendritic Cells Are Essential for Intestinal T Cell HomeostasisImmunity201691
Mechanosensitive components of integrin adhesions: Role of vinculinExperimental Cell Research201686
Potent and selective bivalent inhibitors of BET bromodomainsNature Chemical Biology201682
Relating conformation to function in integrin α5β1Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America201675
Binding of Hyaluronan to the Native Lymphatic Vessel Endothelial Receptor LYVE-1 Is Critically Dependent on Receptor Clustering and Hyaluronan OrganizationJournal of Biological Chemistry201672
The Complexity of the ERK/MAP-Kinase Pathway and the Treatment of Melanoma Skin CancerFrontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology201667
Gene expression changes in damaged osteoarthritic cartilage identify a signature of non-chondrogenic and mechanical responsesOsteoarthritis and Cartilage201664
Persistent cell migration and adhesion rely on retrograde transport of β(1) integrinNature Cell Biology201663
Modulation of FAK and Src adhesion signaling occurs independently of adhesion complex compositionJournal of Cell Biology201661
Mechanosensitivity of integrin adhesion complexes: role of the consensus adhesomeExperimental Cell Research201660
Acidic pH promotes intervertebral disc degeneration: Acid-sensing ion channel -3 as a potential therapeutic targetScientific Reports201658
The Anti-inflammatory Protein TSG-6 Regulates Chemokine Function by Inhibiting Chemokine/Glycosaminoglycan InteractionsJournal of Biological Chemistry201657
PPFIA1 drives active α5β1 integrin recycling and controls fibronectin fibrillogenesis and vascular morphogenesisNature Communications201654
The Effects of Extensive Glomerular Filtration of Thin Graphene Oxide Sheets on Kidney PhysiologyACS Nano201654
LD Motif Recognition by Talin: Structure of the Talin-DLC1 ComplexStructure201651
Extracellular Regulation of Bone Morphogenetic Protein Activity by the Microfibril Component Fibrillin-1Journal of Biological Chemistry201649
Fibroblast-Derived MMP-14 Regulates Collagen Homeostasis in Adult SkinJournal of Investigative Dermatology201646
Deposition of collagen type I onto skeletal endothelium reveals a new role for blood vessels in regulating bone morphologyDevelopment (Cambridge)201644
Tumor Necrosis Factor-stimulated Gene-6 (TSG-6) Is Constitutively Expressed in Adult Central Nervous System (CNS) and Associated with Astrocyte-mediated Glial Scar Formation following Spinal Cord InjuryJournal of Biological Chemistry201638
Three-dimensional electron microscopy reveals the evolution of glomerular barrier injuryScientific Reports201634
ADAMTS-10 and -6 differentially regulate cell-cell junctions and focal adhesionsScientific Reports201634
Subtle balance of tropoelastin molecular shape and flexibility regulates dynamics and hierarchical assemblyScience Advances201634