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Most Cited Articles of Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research in 2012

The extracellular matrix: a dynamic niche in cancer progressionJournal of Cell Biology20122K
Rab25 and CLIC3 collaborate to promote integrin recycling from late endosomes/lysosomes and drive cancer progressionDevelopmental Cell2012233
Integrin trafficking at a glanceJournal of Cell Science2012131
Pseudoachondroplasia and multiple epiphyseal dysplasia: a 7-year comprehensive analysis of the known disease genes identify novel and recurrent mutations and provides an accurate assessment of their relative contributionHuman Mutation201288
Spectraplakins promote microtubule-mediated axonal growth by functioning as structural microtubule-associated proteins and EB1-dependent +TIPs (tip interacting proteins)Journal of Neuroscience201283
Serine protease(s) secreted by the nematode Trichuris muris degrade the mucus barrierPLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases201280
Regulation of TGFβ in the immune system: an emerging role for integrins and dendritic cellsImmunobiology201277
Monocyte-to-macrophage differentiation: synthesis and secretion of a complex extracellular matrixJournal of Biological Chemistry201271
Bimodal collagen fibril diameter distributions direct age-related variations in tendon resilience and resistance to ruptureJournal of Applied Physiology201268
Mapping the differential distribution of proteoglycan core proteins in the adult human retina, choroid, and sclera201266
Influenza A induces the major secreted airway mucin MUC5AC in a protease-EGFR-extracellular regulated kinase-Sp1-dependent pathwayAmerican Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology201261
Proteomic analysis of extracellular matrix from the hepatic stellate cell line LX-2 identifies CYR61 and Wnt-5a as novel constituents of fibrotic liverJournal of Proteome Research201258
Inhibition of platelet-derived growth factor receptor signaling regulates Oct4 and Nanog expression, cell shape, and mesenchymal stem cell potencyStem Cells201258
Fibronectin supports neurite outgrowth and axonal regeneration of adult brain neurons in vitroBrain Research201251
Paxillin and Hic-5 interaction with vinculin is differentially regulated by Rac1 and RhoAPLoS ONE201249
Tropoelastin bridge region positions the cell-interactive C terminus and contributes to elastic fiber assemblyProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America201249
Proteomic analysis of α4β1 integrin adhesion complexes reveals α-subunit-dependent protein recruitmentProteomics201246
Fibrillin-1 mutations causing Weill-Marchesani syndrome and acromicric and geleophysic dysplasias disrupt heparan sulfate interactionsPLoS ONE201243
Dishevelled limits Notch signalling through inhibition of CSLDevelopment (Cambridge)201241
Expression and secretion of Aspergillus fumigatus proteases are regulated in response to different protein substratesFungal Biology201241
Tenocyte contraction induces crimp formation in tendon-like tissueBiomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology201240
A novel form of chondrocyte stress is triggered by a COMP mutation causing pseudoachondroplasiaHuman Mutation201238
Opticin exerts its anti-angiogenic activity by regulating extracellular matrix adhesivenessJournal of Biological Chemistry201230
Specific β-containing integrins exert differential control on proliferation and two-dimensional collective cell migration in mammary epithelial cellsJournal of Biological Chemistry201228
The actin-binding protein Canoe/AF-6 forms a complex with Robo and is required for Slit-Robo signaling during axon pathfinding at the CNS midlineJournal of Neuroscience201223