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Journals Chinese Academy of Sciences published therein

JournalArticlesCitationsImpact FactorA RankC Rank
Scientific Reports4769121.8K4.911
RSC Advances404869.9K3.711
Science of the Total Environment402093.3K10.211
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces3896149.7K9.511
PLoS ONE379091.9K3.711
Applied Physics Letters364298.4K3.412
Chemical Communications3290154.6K5.811
Physical Review B321085.4K3.347
Science Bulletin315037.6K11
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition3002224.8K16.411
Angewandte Chemie295249.9K3.611
Advanced Materials2550280.8K2411
Nature Communications2520154.6K17.411
Remote Sensing251927.2K511
Journal of Applied Physics251840.6K2.526
Journal of Materials Chemistry A2311103.2K1311
Advanced Materials Research21181.7K0.511
Journal of Alloys and Compounds203944K5.711
Organic Letters203686.6K6.211
A Rank refers to the ranking of Chinese Academy of Sciences in the given journal according to the number of articles, and C Rank according to the number of citations.