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Most Cited Articles of University of Lancaster in 1987

Configurational information in face perceptionPerception19871K
On hydrologic similarity: 2. A scaled model of storm runoff productionWater Resources Research1987327
Control of Stomatal Behaviour by Abscisic Acid which Apparently Originates in the RootsJournal of Experimental Botany1987269
A cognitive neuropsychological case study of anomia. Implications for psychological models of word retrievalBrain1987225
“Neglect dyslexia” and the early visual processing of letters in words and nonwordsCognitive Neuropsychology1987218
Stress ethylene formation determines plant sensitivity to ozoneNature1987200
Crustal Influences in the Petrogenesis of the Naivasha Basalt--Comendite Complex: Combined Trace Element and Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope ConstraintsJournal of Petrology1987151
Geochemistry of High-silica Peralkaline Rhyolites, Naivasha, Kenya Rift ValleyJournal of Petrology1987138
Repetition priming of face recognitionQuarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology Section A: Human Experimental Psychology1987114
Direct digital and adaptive control by input-output state variable feedback pole assignmentInternational Journal of Control1987114
The 1875 eruption of Askja volcano, Iceland: combined fractional crystallization and selective contamination in the generation of rhyolitic magmaMineralogical Magazine198786
Queueing models for hospital waiting listsJournal of the Operational Research Society198785
The physics of Langmuir-Blodgett filmsReports on Progress in Physics198785
Day of the Week Effects On Stock Returns: International EvidenceJournal of Business Finance and Accounting198782
Conformational equilibria of alpha-L-iduronate residues in disaccharides derived from heparinBiochemical Journal198781
Continuous flow apparatus for preparing isotopically pure 4HeCryogenics198773
Retrospective analysis of an archived soil collection. II. CadmiumScience of the Total Environment198772
Measurement of hadron azimuthal distributions in deep inelastic muon proton scatteringZeitschrift Für Physik C-Particles and Fields198768
Parallel processing of the sex and familiarity of facesCanadian Journal of Psychology198767
Photorespiratory N donors, aminotransferase specificity and photosynthesis in a mutant of barley deficient in serine: glyoxylate aminotransferase activityPlanta198762
Functions of vision in the control of handwritingActa Psychologica198760
Induction of ascorbate peroxidase and glutathione reductase activities by interactions of mixtures of air pollutantsFree Radical Research Communications198758
Langmuir-Blodgett films made from preformed polymersThin Solid Films198757
Some Social and Spatial Aspects of ServicesEnvironment and Planning D: Society and Space198753
“Afferent dysgraphia” in a patient and in normal subjectsCognitive Neuropsychology198752