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Most Cited Articles of Lund University in 1990

Vasoactive peptide release in the extracerebral circulation of humans during migraine headacheAnnals of Neurology19901.2K
Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist reduces mortality from endotoxin shockNature1990786
Optimal Bird Migration: The Relative Importance of Time, Energy, and Safety1990577
Structure and expression of the human cystatin C geneBiochemical Journal1990501
Enzymatic activity of prostate-specific antigen and its reactions with extracellular serine proteinase inhibitorsFEBS Journal1990486
A 1,400-year tree-ring record of summer temperatures in FennoscandiaNature1990431
Impaired homocysteine metabolism in early-onset cerebral and peripheral occlusive arterial disease. Effects of pyridoxine and folic acid treatmentAtherosclerosis1990362
Isoenzyme(s) of glutathione transferase (class Mu) as a marker for the susceptibility to lung cancer: a follow up studyCarcinogenesis1990339
Sotalol versus quinidine for the maintenance of sinus rhythm after direct current conversion of atrial fibrillationCirculation1990314
Cubic phases in surfactant and surfactant-like lipid systemsColloid and Polymer Science1990294
Effect of delivery room routines on success of first breast-feedLancet, The1990294
The influence of mild body and brain hypothermia on ischemic brain damageJournal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism1990293
The Response of Bean Plants to UV-B Radiation Under Different Irradiances of Background Visible LightJournal of Experimental Botany1990247
Reformation of long axon pathways in adult rat central nervous system by human forebrain neuroblastsNature1990237
Prevention of myocardial infarction and stroke in patients with intermittent claudication; effects of ticlopidine. Results from STIMS, the Swedish Ticlopidine Multicentre StudyJournal of Internal Medicine1990229
Neuropeptide Y receptor subtypes, Y1 and Y2Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences1990213
Bryophytes and heavy metals: a literature reviewBotanical Journal of the Linnean Society1990197
Exclusive hadronic decays ofB mesonsZeitschrift Für Physik C-Particles and Fields1990184
Characterization in vitro of a human tumor necrosis factor-binding protein. A soluble form of a tumor necrosis factor receptorJournal of Clinical Investigation1990179
Sealed inside-out and right-side-out plasma membrane vesicles : optimal conditions for formation and separationPlant Physiology1990171
Structural transition of alpha 1-antitrypsin by a peptide sequentially similar to beta-strand s4AFEBS Journal1990167
Evidence that insulin and isoprenaline activate the cGMP-inhibited low-Km cAMP phosphodiesterase in rat fat cells by phosphorylationProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America1990166
Amelioration of spatial memory impairment by intrahippocampal grafts of mixed septal and raphe tissue in rats with combined cholinergic and serotonergic denervation of the forebrainBrain Research1990163
Nitrogen pair luminescence in GaAsApplied Physics Letters1990160
Scores of plaque, bleeding, suppuration and probing depth to predict probing attachment loss. 5 years of observation following nonsurgical periodontal therapyJournal of Clinical Periodontology1990159