Most Cited Articles of Molecular Neuroscience in 2005

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Stages of motor skill learningMolecular Neurobiology2005159
Regulation of glutamate transporter GLAST and GLT-1 expression in astrocytes by estrogenMolecular Brain Research2005143
Valproate pretreatment protects dopaminergic neurons from LPS-induced neurotoxicity in rat primary midbrain cultures: role of microgliaMolecular Brain Research2005142
Neuroprotection of MPTP-induced toxicity in zebrafish dopaminergic neuronsMolecular Brain Research2005139
Redox cycling of the herbicide paraquat in microglial culturesMolecular Brain Research2005128
The alpha-ketoglutarate-dehydrogenase complex: a mediator between mitochondria and oxidative stress in neurodegenerationMolecular Neurobiology2005128
Effects of nitration on the structure and aggregation of alpha-synucleinMolecular Brain Research2005127
Mood stabilizers target cellular plasticity and resilience cascades: implications for the development of novel therapeuticsMolecular Neurobiology2005123
TRPM8 protein localization in trigeminal ganglion and taste papillaeMolecular Brain Research2005121
Quantitative proteomic analysis of mitochondrial proteins: relevance to Lewy body formation and Parkinson's diseaseMolecular Brain Research2005118
Polyphenols in cerebral ischemia: novel targets for neuroprotectionMolecular Neurobiology2005115
Phosphorylation of AMPA receptors: mechanisms and synaptic plasticityMolecular Neurobiology2005113
Inhibition of GSK3beta is a common event in neuroprotection by different survival factorsMolecular Brain Research2005110
The regional and cellular expression profile of the melatonin receptor MT1 in the central dopaminergic systemMolecular Brain Research2005107
Modulatory effect of glutathione status and antioxidants on methylmercury-induced free radical formation in primary cultures of cerebral astrocytesMolecular Brain Research2005106
Serotonin receptor activation leads to neurite outgrowth and neuronal survivalMolecular Brain Research2005105